A Few Words About Us

For many in the region, Motorsports has only been accessible through broadcast race coverage. Simulation racing and eSports provides a platform for enthusiast to actively participate, leveraging strong interest to build an emerging user community.

Motorsport enthusiasts are no longer only spectators!

The evolving genre of “eSports” has now clearly reached the door steps of SimRacing, and events are being organized by promotion and marketing companies who working hand in hand with real Motorsports companies to make “eSports” a legitimate discipline in Motorsports, one could call it a real sport, although it is virtual.

This community, platform, and “eSports” organization will help SimRacers in this region participate in the sport, present themselves as possible talents, gain recognition, and connect with like minded Motorsports enthusiasts.

Provide this platform to bring SimRacers together and connect with others worldwide, becoming the SimRacing community portal, forum (SIMMSA) and world wide participation.

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EXOP Risk Management
Heusinkveld Engineering
INNOVATIVE German Technology
FiTECH Motorsport Parts
Deutsches Auto Service Center
Straterra Tactical

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