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Automobilista 2 – patch notes for the new v1.2.0.8

Since after the last big update for the popular racing simulation “Automobilista 2” there was still need for improvement, the developers of Reiza Studios have reacted accordingly and raise the game with the new patch to version Everything that has changed, you can read here in the overview:

RacinĀ“ USA Expansion Pack


  • Fixed an issue that in some cases could lead to a CTD at session startup
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a CTD when using the box strategy selection list in multiplayer sessions
  • Adjusted live track grip area
  • Minor revisions to shadow cascade parameters from cockpit view
  • Increased number of hourly real weather forecast slots to allow for simulated 24-hour sessions without reusing slots


  • Fixed incorrect help text on some instances of the “Live Track Preset” option
  • Fixed missing localization of label for damage > tail aero in pit strategy editor
  • Fixed typo in German localization for pit exit hint text
  • Fixed French text in German localization of telemetry HUD tip
  • Updated various environmental/technical terms in the Spanish localization


  • Further fine-tuning of tire profile for Proto classes, GTs, Stock Cars, F-Retros, Procar, Group A, Group C, F-Ultimate
  • Mercedes AMG GT3: Adjusted standard engine brake map
  • F-UItimate: Increased FFB Max Force range; adjusted default diff settings.
  • Fixed bug in mini dampers & disabled redundant fast damper range
  • AI: adjusted aggression scales and caution with player for tintops; reduced throttle response time for GTE & GT3; calibrated GTE, GT3 & StockCars
  • AI grip adjusted for Imola & curve-specific speed boosts added for Piratella, Acque Minerali, Rivazza
  • Cascais: AI curve boost added for last curve
  • Interlagos: AI lines & corridor changes at Mergulho and Arquibancadas adjusted for improved behavior; speed slowdowns added at pit exit


  • Adjusted rumble strip sound frequency
  • Further optimization of surface sounds
  • Surface sound filtering only present for road noise/sliding (grass and dirt excluded)


  • Spa-Francorchamps 1993: Dynamic cones added
  • Velopark: center start trigger over whole track and pit lane width
  • Seasonal foliage added to all Imola variants
  • Laguna Seca: corrected curbs uv1/uv2; added more remaining objects on track; adjusted glow of start lights
  • Imola: wall collision bug fixed


  • Camaro GT4.R: 3 new paint schemes added
  • Helmet Cameras: reworked helmet camera shades and materials for Modern Formula, GT Modern, Club, 70s and 80s. Now supports Triple Screen/Ultra Wide (54 to 89 degrees FOV)
  • Corrected RPM LED areas for Mclaren 720S, F309, F301, Metalmoro MRX P3
  • Updated tire material for Porsche GT4 Cayman & Ginetta G55 fixes an issue where tires disappear in certain situations.

Multiclass AI Racing at Velopark

November 2020 Update