SIMMSA is a multidisciplinary Esports & Eracing consultancy service provider offering a comprehensive range of guidance and advisory services from individual racers to professional centers. With our Eracing focused consultancy services, we aim at making your Esports experience like no other, allowing you to take full advantage of the opportunity through our experience and support services.

Certainly, SIMMSA has been a part of a number of world’s leading top gaming championships and events such as MSP 2018 (McLaren Shadow Project 2018 – Middle East & North Africa) & live event finals held in Bahrain in November 2018.

One way of enhancing the exposure level is through sponsorships. Some of our iRacing Series include PRL (Precision Racing League) – American GTE Series and also 6 Hours of Watkins Glen (CraigsSetupShop). SIMMSA works with you offering outstanding sponsorship negotiation services, assuring you meet maximum potential and reach Eracing interested businesses.

SIMMSA organizes bespoke events and Eracing championships on a global level designed to suit any budget. We provide you with an opportunity to take your business to the next level and develop a competitive edge by our value-adding virtual Motorsport events which can be parallel to real Motorsport events and races. We work with you to create an unforgettable event as we have a very experienced team with years of experience in their field, guaranteed to take you beyond your competitor’s reach. It is essential to crack the language barrier, for maximum potential; this is why we offer unparalleled services specifically designed to target YOUR prospects.

SIMMSA delivers fast-performing and precise technology and solutions aimed at enhancing interaction among cross platforms of PC & consoles with result-reporting, monitoring tools & WebApps. Our console approach leads to larger participation, less complicated management of events and proving Eracing possibilities for events, including, live broadcasting, commentating and adjudication.

SIMMSA focuses on delivering complete simulation architecture that integrates all the necessary hardware, components, software packages and technologies, insuring the best experience – for participants, hosts and all involved parties.

In short, SIMMSA is a full-service company focusing on delivering resourceful Esports equipment, tech-savvy hardware, in-depth consultancy, multilingual commentating, up-to-date Esports trends, virtual and real Motorsport history, information and connections, multi broadcast, interactive viewership and overlays. All our services are aimed at creating a strong lasting link with key market players and hardware manufacturers to provide up-to-date chassis, steering systems, pedals, shifters, seats, monitors, PC’s and consoles that meet all our customers’ requirements.

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