The next BIG Esports Eracing

Certainly, Eracing is quickly becoming a very popular Esport that has participants from all around the world giving real-life and thrilling experiences through a wide range of virtual racing cars.

Unquestionably, Esports is the new grassroots of Motorsport where Eracing has become an important aspect of numerous Motorsport teams. Indeed, having multiple Sim titles enhances the overall experience, making it more fun, entertaining and engaging for everyone, regardless of skill levels or whatever participants want to experience.
The beauty of Eracing as an Esport is that there are several platforms to compete with a variety of virtual racing cars, engine roaring venues, endurance races, sprint & classic races, championships and a realistic racing experience.
All of which give the ULTIMATE racing simulation experience where players demonstrate their skills within the Eracing community and officially organized series & leagues, these being broadcasted live on TV, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and many other media channels.

SIMMSA offers an extensive array of services ranging from the beginning the initial research to the end facility of providing broadcasting, commenting and adjudication.

Our other services include development of documents, code of ethics, rules & regulations, competition brackets, live events, broadcasting, qualifying procedures and complete management of an event.

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