ISR SIMMSA at Sebring International Raceway “SRA GT Series – S18/2M10”

After a mid season summer break, our drivers returned to race at the final round 10 on “Sebring International Raceway“.

Both Grant and Peter had good pace and placed their cars in the Top5 for the starting grid. Grant put his Porsche 911 RSR GTE (991) on P4 with a 1:56.197 and Peter in P6 with a 1:56.353.

It was a promising race, both our drivers got away very well and were in P4 and P5 for some time in the race, before small mistakes placed them back few positions, to catch up again.

Showing their strength yet again, both regained positions and finished the race in P4 and P6 respectively. We all agree, the summer break was super, but we need to get back into the races and work on making less mistakes. Sebring is a fantastic track and we enjoyed every second being there.

Huge kudos to Grant and Peter for putting on a good show and showing their skill after a 2 week break. We are very proud of the the results of our Impact SimRacing team in the 2018 Season 2 series by “Sim Racers Asia GT Series“.

Looking forward to the new season and to show our strength yet again in the series!

The race was broadcasted live on Apex Racing TV, you can watch it here again.