SIMMSA ISR at the iRacing Special Event “6 Hours of the Glen” 2019 – WE WON!!!

SIMMSA ISR started at the “The Glen” yesterday with iRacing, with our drivers Dylan Pereira and Peter Klawitter in the Ferrari 488 GTE. It was decided that Dylan being the faster driver, would be the driver to qualify and also drive the first stint. He did put the vehicle onto P2, with a fantastic 1:41.746, although he wasn’t happy with the lap.

The race started very well for us and stayed in P2 behind the leader bumper to bumper, until 45mins into the race a GT3 ahead of P1 went hard onto the brakes in the “Inner Loop” which all of us GTE’s behind the GT3 taking evasive maneuvers and that cost us almost our vehicle…losing the car and sliding sideways towards the wall just after the “Inner loop”.

Dylan managed to hold the car though, thankfully no damages at all and was able to continue to race with only few positions lost.

It was pretty much head down from there onwards, concentrating to get through traffic ahead of us, avoiding getting involved in accidents, paying attention to the track, making no mistakes and had special eyes on the Daytona Prototype vehicles overtaking all the GT3’s and GTE’s, they were flying through the field!

Dylan drove and set the fastest lap of the race too, with a superb 1:42.881.

Both drivers were fully focus and with no more incidents after second hour mark, they pushed through the 6 hours.

Dylan and Peter managed between their stints to open the gap to P2 in their class and put one full lap between them! Giving them enough cushion to race safely towards the chequered flag.

We drove a solid race, with almost no mistakes, Peter had 2 incident points and Dylan had none, from a total of 75 allowed incidents (iRacing Safety Ratings) points! Absolutely rock solid performance and proof of driver dedication! Last stint was Peter’s to bring the car home.

We won the race, P1 in our GTE class and finished overall in P4. Dylan and Peter, absolutely splendid drive! Thank you guys and CONGRATULATIONS!

You can re-watch our race on our YouTube channel here SIMMSA TV.