Team & Driver Management

In the world of Eracing, team and driver management plays a major role as it is responsible for providing professional recognition which leads to increased rewards, fame and exposure. We truly believe that Eracing drivers and teams require professional training and management enabling them to reach their full potential. This increases their overall professional representation in the global Eracing community, Esports, business and Motorsport audiences.

We work with Eracers and teams to strengthen their skills and help them achieve their goals in championships, series and other contests by winning Eracing titles. SIMMSA is expanding continuously the management of drivers and teams.

SIMMSA covers every aspect of Eracer and team training, preparation and management by offering dedicated programs (through third-party trusted entities) that cover:

  • Media handling & exposure
  • Sponsor and partner communications
  • Advertisement management
  • Diet plans and workouts
  • Motorsport culture and education
  • Motorsport craft enhancement through simulation
  • Eracers individual full management (online racing and competition enrollment)
  • Race camp full preparation
  • Corporate & public seminars (covering Esports and Eracing)
  • Eracer sponsorship management (hardware, software and etc.)
  • Series preparations and events (servers and etc.)
  • Team and community communication and strategy
  • Full broadcasting packages for individuals and teams

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