Virtual Racing School

Virtual Racing School is a learning platform built specifically for sim racers. It seamlessly integrates with iRacing and offers a range of software tools for driving analysis and team collaboration. It makes it easy to learn from top iRacers through data packs or coaching lessons. It also features a lot of educational content such as video tutorials and articles.

Joel Real Timing

JRT is a HTML-based timing overlay used along side the iRacing Simulation. It includes several tools to help benefit the user, including live timing, button box support, log files, and much more. It supports both replays and live races, and is also usable in an overlay format. Academy

Driven by pure passion we (active and retired racers, engineers and mechanics) build world class driving simulators. Base Rig: Fully designed and European crafted RacingFuel® Stage1 base rig incl. original OMP seat, belts and steering wheel. Fully modular Sim rig PC only (Logitech®, Thrustmaster®, Fanatec® etc…coming soon) Strong fully adjustable steering wheel mount construction.

Racing-Staff UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Dream job motorsports? A dream job for lots of us: Engineer at a race-team. But how can you get a job in motorsports? assists to get in contact.

The Digital Race Engineer

Advanced command and feedback system for Voice Attack built exclusively for the iRacing Simulator. Use your voice to control iRacing with over 170 commands and listen to the vital performance information The DRE provides you with. Make sure to read the License Agreement below. Version 2.3. Download Free Version.


“ThomConcept” is a new and small French company who are specialized in OpenSimWheel (OSW) systems and components. They build OSW direct drive and gear driven systems, motor mounts, quick releases, wheel hubs; and are also working on shifters, pedal boxes and many other components and accessories.

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