SIMMSA is pushing the Eracing industry with its know-how, expertise, experience and research in developing technologies, hardware and software. We are working hard to bring communities, associations and organizations together at one place to support and promote the international Eracing associations, communities and federations. Bridging virtual and real Motorsports and providing an understanding, a link and network between these two worlds, involving real drivers, Eracers, teams and crew members, managers, engineers and racing fans alike.


SIMMSA offers customized and thought-through simulators allowing its customers to deliver the ultimate SimRacing experience. We have established SIMMSA and have proven our focus on delivering to the customers’ wishes. We cater to every SimRacing user including the commercial gaming centers, training centers, and home users by providing sturdy, rigid and flexible solutions such as: steering wheel shaft extenders, customized steering wheels designs, button boxes, LCD/ DASH (DDU) displays, carbon fiber housings, steering wheel conversion units, wind simulators, PCB’s for DIY builds, full broadcasting gear like microphones, stream decks, cameras, capture cards, overlay designs, broadcasting, statistics, consultancy, web portals, web & forum designs, social media reach, web maintenance, social media marketing, technical server preparation for events, causal racing across platforms, titles and the list goes on.

SIMMSA offers an extensive variety of custom-made devices and products ranging from LED-based race flag systems to mounted displays (DDU’s) to custom built steering wheels along with various other tailor-made digital Motorsports devices. Only we deliver tested solutions guaranteed to enhance the SimRacing experience.

Let SIMMSA take your simulation and digital Motorsports to the next level and beyond with its ground-breaking, innovative SimRacing products and exceptional custom build services. Certainly, SimRacing just got a little bit more real and looks like SimRacings’ biggest years are just ahead of us, and we’ve only started!