SIMMSA is pushing the Eracing industry with its know-how, expertise, experience and research in developing technologies, hardware and software. We are working hard to bring communities, associations and organizations together at one place to support and promote the international Eracing associations, communities and federations. Bridging virtual and real Motorsports and providing an understanding, a link and network between these two worlds, involving real drivers, Eracers, teams and crew members, managers, engineers and racing fans alike.


Customized unbeatable experience!

At SIMMSA we believe in delivering excellence by fully customizing SimRigs using the 80/20 profiles and parts. Our design focuses on delivering robust and rigid T-Slot aluminum extrusion making it the most flexible, future-oriented and custom SimRig system aimed at providing an entertaining yet stress-free building experience. Our design allows YOU to easily upgrade the SimRig system with any of the compatible aluminum profiles. As long as pieces of the structural profiles are not replaced or changed from its original design, the quality and performance of our original design will not be compromised.  Only at SIMMSA, we have a keen eye for compatibility and delivering great race seating and cockpit experience.

Our rigs are specially designed to ensure our chassis delivers strong, sturdy and wobble-free experience whenever you use the direct drive steering wheel capable of producing a monstrous 30+ Nm of torque. Our chassis also acts as a workstation beyond delivering an exceptional driving experience due to its sturdy and flexible articulating keyboard and mouse placements. At SIMMSA we spent approximately three years researching the market only to perfect the design with an emphasis on rigidness during longstanding excessive use or high torque/Nm output setting profiles, high end simulator hardware, pedals and steering wheel systems and with no or minimum wobbliness.

SIMMSA considers all aspects of configurations, we work with you to provide a customized and adjustable seat slider, allowing for easy, adaptable and speedy cockpit entry & exit, regardless of the mounting requirements. Our seat space is designed to fit anyone irrespective of their size, height or gaming equipment placements. Further, we include sliding or adjustability on the pedal base plate or extrusions used for this allowing multi-position choices but not allowing any movement of the pedals. As a result, we have solid base plate for the pedals and no movement of the seat when racing.

At SIMMSA, emphasis is placed on delivering excellence through innovative solutions. Firstly, our two alterations of display mounting solutions are provided to optimize the users Field Of View “FOV” experience while maintaining the optimum distances & angles. Further, our profiles, mounts and brackets are capable of delivering an effect that accommodates extreme side display angles in order to achieve an ideal FOV.

At SIMMSA, we use industrial hardware in developing our designs that are light in weight, very strong, doesn’t flex yet easily adjusts to the platform. All our designs undergo a series of in-house testing before delivery to the user ensuring the entire SimRig is up-to-mark and meets our highest standards of quality.