SIMMSA is pushing the Eracing industry with its know-how, expertise, experience and research in developing technologies, hardware and software. We are working hard to bring communities, associations and organizations together at one place to support and promote the international Eracing associations, communities and federations. Bridging virtual and real Motorsports and providing an understanding, a link and network between these two worlds, involving real drivers, Eracers, teams and crew members, managers, engineers and racing fans alike.


Only at SIMMSA, we believe in leading the SimRig customization by delivering the next level SimRacing platform designed specially to fit the needs of customers that are looking for the ultimate realistic simulation experience. We provide an extensive range of customizable SimRig design solutions ensuring a phenomenal realistic and incredible simulation feeling. We take special care in designing all the rigs framework from scratch using only the best available materials such as aluminum profiles proven to be sturdy and rigid, guaranteeing to meet individual configuration and satisfaction.

Only at SIMMSA, all our simulation cockpit designs are tailor-made specifically keeping in mind the main chassis material selection, overall footprint, steering wheel systems, screen mounting solutions, robustness level of overall design and solid seat placement, making our designs not only pleasing to the eye but showing our attention to details. We take pride in all our designs which give an incredible real-life experience and a place to spend enjoyable one-to-one SimRacing time. We truly believe in delivering a comfy, real-life thrilling experience to our customers through a sturdy yet flexible, extremely rigid ergonomic and wobble free designs solutions.

We take pride in selecting the finest materials to develop a top-notch SimRig. Due to our emphasis on selecting the SimRacer choice of screens, hardware peripherals, steering system, steering wheels, pedal selections, shifters, seats, third-party software tools and computer (PC) specifications for digital Motorsport titles making us a one-stop shop in this field.

Note: We do not, in any case, provide a biased opinion based on sponsorship and connection, rather all designs undergo our own testing, ensuring their robustness and excellence.